"...SHINE like the stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life..."
Phil. 2:15


Breath is the physical manifestation of the flow of energy in the body. We practice connecting to the Spirit within us and expressing it with joy through movement.


You work with your body to honor where you are while increasing stamina, strength, and flexibility. Heal and restore, build and empower – you go! And get your shine on!


We seek to connect every breath and every movement on our mats with Jesus Christ through practices filled with prayer and meditation on the Word of Life.

About Jenny’s Classes

Class Schedule

Prana ~ Power ~ Prayer @ 8:15
Tuesday / Thursday

Chair Yoga @ 10:15
Monday / Wednesday


Senior Fit @ 8:30
Monday / Wednesday @ Anchorage Park


**1st class is free!**

1 Month Unlimited Pass – $75
5-Class Pass (valid 1 month) – $55
Drop-In Class – $12

Private Lessons Available! – Contact Jenny for Pricing